A Twenty-First Century Garden Model


The Garden On Mars Project

Home page mural 

Garden 0n Mars is a demonstration project to assist anyone who wants to grow a garden on land that is either blighted or presents more than the normal challenges. We hope to be a resource for those who find themselves living near a vacant lot, and / or in a food desert that wants to not only provide food for themselves but improve the quality of life around them.

Growing from one demonstration garden in the Gert Town neighborhood in New Orleans to three gardens, (Garden on Mars, and the 2 Charbonet Gardens) we hope to show a solution to not only New Orleans blight problems, but a easier way to bring delinquent properties back into commerce to urban areas that have similar problems with blighted and abandoned properties.

Please explore this website at your leisure.   Please go to the contact page to reach Ms. Jeanette Bell with any questions or requests for help.

2 comments on “Home

  1. Martha Husk
    March 25, 2014

    Love this Jeanette!!!! You are a gem to promote this project.

  2. Mahasin
    October 20, 2014

    I am glad I read your article about the varieties of mirlitons. We call them chayotes here in Dallas. I’m still learning about the plant so I know there are differences. I bought some to plant but I don’t know where they are from but they readily sprouted. Now that I know more I would like to get some from local sources to better ensure success. Do you know if there are sources local to me where I can buy the seed fruit or plant? I don’t see getting to New Orleans anytime soon!

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